Copy of Day After Infinity - Cover Art.p


June 2023

Ryan Char, an otherwise unremarkable man, finds himself onboard a spacecraft headed to the stars. Murphy's law decides to rear its head, and Ryan finds himself fighting for his life and humanity.

This novel follows the thoughts of a man and his personal AI. Those thoughts can be crude and rude toward every demographic. This novel is not intended for the easily insulted nor the under aged.



“Congratulations. You’ve reached maximum acceleration.”

No, I think. I’ve reached maximum discomfort. My balls are slammed back so far, I think they might plug my ass. That’s a bad thing because I’m scared enough that I might just crap myself. I don’t want to lay a gooey duce on my balls. Actually, I would be that scared if not for the sedatives Al is pumping into me. I’m aware of how scared I am, but I don’t quite feel fear normally. Al is helping me out. He’s keeping my body’s fight-or-flight response in check so I don’t panic. Panic might actually feel good. Panic might give me release. I’m not even able to appreciate my extreme discomfort given my desire to panic and inability to breath properly. I’ve been chemically robbed of my natural human response. I’m a prisoner in my own brain. 

Hold my beer, I want to see if I can pull my ball sack over my penis and fill it with pee!

Somehow the discomfort passes into new levels as I feel a stabbing pain in my left eye. I instinctively blink, not understanding what’s going on. 

Nothing to worry about, Al tells me. Your retina detached. I’ll have it fixed in no time. 

Comforting! I think. It’s only my eye falling apart! Nothing important! But fortunately, I have those tiny machines running rampant throughout my body. They’ll find their way to my eye—wow that hurts—and repair the damage that this rocket-jail is inflicting on me. I see pops of light in my left eye. I have no idea what’s going on in there, and I don’t think I want to.