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How did you start writing?

My chronic illness toppled my career, putting the breaks on everything except my laptop. I needed an outlet for my situation, so I wrote about a guy who couldn't die.

After that, I just kept going because it brings me purpose and is something I can do during the times I feel better.

Will Mazz have a sequel?

Yes. In fact, two:

 - I, Rebel

 - I, Inferno

Will DAY AFTER INFINITY have a sequel?

Yes. It's the first installment of a trilogy. Infinity After is the second one in the series. I'm aiming for September 2023.

Are I NANO and Day After Infinity in the same universe?

Yes, though Day After Infinity is 100 years after.

How do you come up with character names?

My process for coming up with names is the same as everything else I do. I put in a placeholder, and keep a list of possible names that sound interesting, which I pick from for different books.

When will you have time to write METAL?

That is an excellent question, to which I have no answer. I'll keep you posted.