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Query Again

So, after completely changing my manuscript, I'm ready to jump back into the querying trenches. Below are answers to a bunch of questions friends and family ask me about my book, I, Nano.

Questions Friends Asked Recently

Q: What did you change about the book?

A: Everything, that includes:

  • Title: From SAM BUTLER to I, NANO

  • Audience: Middle Grade to Young Adult

  • Perspective: Third to First Person

  • Chapters: All of them

  • Characters: All the main ones

  • Plot Twist: Completely new

Q: Why do you want an agent?

A: I am proud of my work, and want lots of people to see it. I know my limitations as a marketer, and hope to offload the promotion of I, Nano

Q: Is it a completely different book?

A: Yes. The dystopian theme is much stronger. The antagonist changed. The plot grew more intricate, both more subtle and overt. The main characters evolve more.

Q: Did it take a lot of work?

A: Frack yes. I only have so many hours of up-time during the day due to chronic illness. This transformation took most of my up-hours for nine months.

Q: Did beta-readers like it?

A: So far, I've had great responses, and one grumpy-old-man response (outside my target audience). They largely found it fast-paced and fun to read. They pointed out a few spots where more explanation or emotional response was needed. I was relieved when both males and females found it engaging because I worked really hard at being inclusive, including BIPOC and LGBTQ+.

Q: Will Agents like it?

A: We'll find out. This book in sooo much better than the last one/version. They should like it more, but will it be enough? Who knows?

Q: What did you learn from this experience?

A: It is far easier to write a story with a plan than to completely re-write a story. I also read a lot more about writing and editing fiction. Through organizations like SCBWI and Manuscript Academy, I learned invaluable tools about being a professional author.

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