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The Subtle Art of Education

Let's start by saying that I was a reluctant learner as a child and I was a reluctant educator as an adult. And, I'm fully aware that education comes in all forms.

For me, education could only happen when I was interested in the subject. Fortunately, I developed a curious mind. But before I became an avid learner, I had to be tricked into learning through play or fantasy. Science fiction and fantasy drew me into mental explorations that no teacher or traditional school book could.

To understand a blacksmith character in a fantasy book, my brother and I built a forge and created the world's worst sword. To understand a stable boy, I fed horses for a summer. To prepare myself to be a space-faring life where orbital paths would have to be calculated (before modern AI that can do anything for you), I decided to learn mathematics and physics.

I assume you see the pattern. Fiction lead to other learning. I have to credit teachers, my folks, and my friends for joining me on my journey to turn fiction into reality. I would never have been able to do it all on my own. I credit teachers, mentors, and everyone in the educational and library fields for my gradual rise from a reluctant learner to an independent learner. Thank you all.

As an author for my own kids and for their friends, I hope to inspire learning through fiction. My twins are blessed with inquisitive minds, which I am eternally grateful for, but I still hope that my writing will inspire them to learn about the future of science and engineering, not just where science has been for the last century.

Nanotechnology is part of the future that will change everything from gold refining to airplane design.

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