Why I Started Writing

Imagine that your mind is collapsing in on itself, and you can't trust yourself. Pretend that you have less energy every day. Wouldn't you want to escape into another world where technology could take away illness and pain.

I did.

So I wrote a story about a guy who had to endure endless pains for centuries, but had the ability to heal no matter what happened to him. As I faced the possibility of a downward spiral, I imagined a life in which one could live forever.

For two years my life grew progressively worse. As pain, fatigue and brain fog took my life from me, I struggled to create a new life through fiction. On most days I couldn't concentrate enough to write. But on good days the writing was therapeutic.

The sick jokes that circled around my brain found their way out my fingers onto the glowing box. That's how Ryan Char and the Day After Infinity were born.

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