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Why I Write Fiction?

Writing is a highly personal thing. You have to work hard at pouring your imagination onto a blank screen. Others will judge anything you put in front of them, even before they read your pride and joy.

So, why right at all? For someone who is chronically ill, it is hard to maintain a job or even most hobbies. When you can't rely on your mind or body to behave from day to day or even hour to hour, traditional work is challenging.

When my mind and body fail me, I'm like over-cooked asparagus, I just lay there taking up space. It can be hard to even pay attention to TV shows. So, a certain percentage of my life is extremely passive.

Writing is a way for me to actively engage my mind when I have one. During the in-between times, I can plan, write, edit, and edit again. Putting key strokes to screen gives me a productive activity to participate in even when my nervous system is throwing my body for a loop.

Just as important, writing allows me to fully immerse myself in a future time or distant spacecraft where the characters have amazing adventures. An escape from reality grants me a release valve from the daily struggle of existing.

Chronic illness has really shown me where I have talents, and where I don't. For most of my life I've been able to find coping mechanisms to work my weaknesses. I suck at following directions. This deficiency is even more pronounced now. Even simple directions with three steps can escape my grasp.

Creativity has always been a strength for me. Imagination is one of the very few mental processes that I don't seem to suck at these days. It feels like the misfiring of my brain almost aids in the process of thinking up new stuff. Sometimes I wonder if writing fiction comes more naturally to me now than ever before, or if I just have more down-time to write.

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